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3 Tips For Stair Safety for Seniors

3 tips to increased Stair safety
Estimated reading time 4 min. Published 15.09.2020
Unintentional falls are the most common form of injury among Canadians. Around 600.000 Canadians have to visit the emergency room due to fall accidents every year, and falling in stairs can have dramatic consequences such as hip fracture or femoral neck fracture. In this article we'll look into some options on how you can make stair climbing safer.

1. Keep active

Stair safety - Training for seniors
In the same way a fall can lead to inactivity, inactivity will in itself lead to an increased risk of falling.
Fall prevention for seniors (NTNU)

A new study conducted by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology shows that inactivity is the biggest single risk factor to self-reliance in your own home. One of the more serious consequences are injuries due to falls. For age in place seniors with reduced gait function, training and exercise within strength and balance is the measure that has the best documented effect.

Falls are incorrectly viewed as a natural and unavoidable part of growing older. Consequences of falls does not just relate to injuries, but also fear of falling, inactivity, reduced quality of life and in worst case, early death.


  • There is a wealth of documentation showing that activity and regular exercise has a great risk-reducing effect of falling in stairs or on flat surfaces.
  • Especially strength exercise and balance training has shown to have a big impact.
  • Studies from Australia show that exercising 2 times a week throughout a whole year, reduces the risk for having a fall accident by 30%.

2. Lighting

Stair safety - Lighting

Keeping your staircase lit reduces the risks of tripping and falling over objects and makes it easier to see where the next step is. In addition to increased lighting, it's also recommended to mount contrast tape to every step, to increase contrast between each step.

If you have a bedroom on the 2nd floor, it might be a good idea to keep a flash light in your drawer in case of a power failure.

3. Adapt your staircase with user friendly mobility aids

Stair safety with the AssiStep
Stay independent in your own home

With the AssiStep, you have a solid and firm support in front of you when walking up or down the stairs. It reduces the risk of falling and gives you confidence in your everyday life. The AssiStep is moved by pushing the light but strong aluminium handle in front of you - like a rollator. When the handle is pulled downwards, it automatically locks, keeping you safe and giving support for each step you take.

The AssiStep is certified by the leading global certification organization TÜV, and it's CE-marked for users weighing up to 120 kg. The AssiStep can be installed in both straight stairs and curved stairs and gives a solid and firm support in front of you when walking up or down. It significantly reduces the risk of falling by providing a barrier between you and the stair, giving you confidence in your everyday life and increasing stair safety.

Since the product was launched in 2015, the user base has grown rapidly, and the AssiStep became available in Canada from September 2020. It's both an affordable and active solution to increased stair safety.

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