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Walk Stairs Safely with the Stair Handle

AssiStep pricing
Estimated reading time 3 min. Published 21.09.2020
Do you need extra support in your staircase? Meet the unique AssiStep Stair Handle, which provides increased safety and support for those who struggle with safe and independent stair climbing. The AssiStep stair handle consists of a modern and discrete handle, coupled to a unique best in class stainless steel handrail system.

1. What is the AssiStep Stair Handle?

The AssiStep Stair Handle is a new and revolutionary accessibility aid, which makes your staircase future proof and safe. It's developed for people who experience reduced balance, reduced gait function or other mobility issues that make it unsafe or difficult to climb stairs without sufficient support.

The AssiStep Stair Handle is developed by some of the leading industrial designers and engineers in Norway, and is today being exported to almost 20 countries world-wide.

The AssiStep became available in Canada in 2020, and can be delivered through our network of partners throughout the country.

2. What selection of stairs can it be installed in?

What stair types is supported by the AssiStep stair handle?

The AssiStep Stair Handle can be installed in almost any type of staircase, due to it's unique and patented modular railing system. This allows you to pick specific modules that correspond with the dimensions of your staircase.

3. Benefits of the AssiStep Stair Handle

With the AssiStep in your home, you'll quickly discover its value through:

Increased support and independence

Fall prevention, since the stair handle will stop a potential fall down the stairs

Discrete and space-saving solution

Durable and easy to use

No maintenance requirements and no recurring costs

4. Design & features

The AssiStep is designed to blend naturally into any home environment. With its modern stair railing, and easy to use support handle it is a good solution for those who require the support from a high quality stair handrail, and to those who want extra support and safety through the unique stair handle system.

The AssiStep can easily be folded to the side, so that it's not in the way, when not in use. When you are ready to walk the stairs, you simply fold the handle back to the "use position", and it's then ready for use.

When descending the stairs, you'll quickly notice how the extra support and fall prevention in front of you gives increased confidence when walking down the stairs. The stair handle automatically locks in place during the descent when you apply force to the handle.

While ascending the stairs, you push the stair handle one arm length in front of you. When the handle is pulled downwards, it automatically locks in place, giving you increased support while ascending the staircase.

AssiStep stair handle in a folded and usage position
AssiStep - Alternative to lift for stairs
AssiStep while ascending the stairs

Why is the AssiStep a good choice?

Award winning design

The AssiStep has won the prestigious award "Best product" in 2019 by the SilverEco Independent Aging Well International.

Keeps you safe and active

The AssiStep has been tested and certified by the leading inspection institution TÜV from Germany. It's approved for users weighing up to 264 pounds / 120 kg and is compliant with all required technical safety standards.

Can be installed in most types of stairs

AssiStep is designed to be easily adaptable to your stair. It can be installed in both straight and curved stairs as well as stairs with flat landings.

Takes up very little space

When the handle is folded, you'll only notice the beautiful stainless steel handrail.

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